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Pretzel Logic hosted groupware software helps small and medium sized businesses like yours manage projects, your team and your business easily and efficiently. Click the links below to find out more about Pretzel Logic's affordable groupware software solution.

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Benefits of Groupware
Pretzel Logic has a groupware software that's worth looking at. Take a look at the groupware features to see exactly how you can benefit from this affordable business management tool.

Microsoft Exchange Server vs. Pretzel Logic Hosted Groupware Software
While Microsoft Exchange may set the standard in groupware applications, it's really too expensive and complicated for the average small business owner. As you'll see in this head-to-head comparison, Pretzel Logic's groupware software beats out both Microsoft Exchange and open source groupware software and is the best solution for managing small business teams.

Groupware Application - Feature Details
If you are technically inclined and want a detailed feature list for the Pretzel Logic groupware application, check out this page.

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