Groupware Pricing

Every user account comes with 5 GB of disk space (aggregated across all users), and access to the groupware web office. There are no setup fees, or other hidden costs.

Each Groupware User $9.95 per month
Each Additional GB of disk used $4.99 per month
Licenses for MS Outlook Connector * $40.00 per user

* A connector for MS Outlook is only required if you choose to use that application to access your groupware data. Clients that supports the GroupDAV, or iCal standards don't need a connector.

Each groupware user has full access to all groupware features, the web user interface, email and 1 GB of disk space. The disk space is used for storage of documents and e-mail, and is counted as a pool. (Individual users can go over their allocation, as only the total across all users is counted)