Microsoft Exchange Server vs. Pretzel Logic Hosted Groupware Software

While Microsoft Exchange may set the standard in groupware applications, it's really too expensive and complicated for the average small business owner. As you'll see in this head-to-head comparison, Pretzel Logic's groupware software beats out both Microsoft Exchange and open source groupware software and is the best solution for managing small business teams.

Take a look at the following chart for some of these considerations:

Considerations MS Exchange groupware server (on location) Free Open Source Groupware server (on location) Pretzel Logic Hosted Groupware
Hardware Resources Self determined and self managed. It's up to you to size your MTA, LDA, database, and front-end servers properly. Same as MS Exchange All managed by Pretzel Logic. You never have to worry about hardware.
Deployment Time Time is required to order and receive hardware and software.
Time must also be set aside for training of system administrators.
Additional time is required to setup, and test platform.
Same as MS Exchange In as little as minutes.
Add-ons Anti-spam and anti-virus solutions may cost extra money, in addition to their own hardware and training requirements Same as MS Exchange Pretzel Logic uses multiple anti-spam techniques, and filters all e-mail for viruses that are as little as 30 minutes old.
Message and Data Storage Done in proprietary Microsoft Exchange database format. Data is often stored in SQL databases or text files that can be read from large number of applications. Data is stored in an SQL database that may be accessed from a variety of different applications. Messages are stored in open “Maildir” format.
Security Self determined and self managed. Same as MS Exchange Pretzel Logic uses advanced intrusion detection systems and pro-active security monitoring to ensure there is no unauthorized access to your data.
Post Deployment
Core Benefits Shared and individual calendars.
Shared and individual contacts.
Some project management.
Shared resource scheduling.
Same as MS Exchange Same as with MS Exchange
Ongoing Costs Licenses for server and clients must be renewed at regular intervals. Hardware often has to be upgraded to support new versions of the software. Hardware often has to be upgraded to support new versions of the software. Simply Monthly/Yearly fees for usage. Pay for only what you need.
Accessibility Only via applications that can communicate using Microsoft's proprietary protocols Any application that support the open protocols used by the server Pretzel Logic supports POP3, IMAP, HTTP, WebDAV, GroupDAV, and iCal protocols.
Remote Office Accessibility Accessibility outside the office environment will require a dedicated Internet connection, static IP address, and possibly expensive VPN solutions Same as MS Exchange Accessible from anywhere with a web browser.
Troubleshooting Problems MS phone support is costly and requires your direct involvement.
MS server software uses proprietary standards that make it more difficult to get access to data should things go wrong.
Free Open Source software is often supported by the community via mailing lists or web forums. Commercial support may also be available for a fee. Check Pretzel Logic's status blog to see if the service is having a problem, or pick up the phone and give us a call.
Backups Self managed and self determined. Same as MS Exchange Pretzel Logic takes daily backups. Data is retained for at least 90 days, Restoration requests can be filled within 2 business days.