A detailed look at Pretzel Logic's groupware application

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Groupware application features

Create Users. Any users you create automatically gets a POP email account and web-based email account so they can access their email anywhere (Users can have up to three email aliases)
Change User's passwords
Setup Groups/Teams for mailing lists and to control access to various files
Customize the look and default settings for various groups (i.e. employees, project teams) by creating Templates Users
Create Appointment Resources (Meeting Rooms, Projectors, etc) so they can be easily tracked

Allow selected people in your organization to quickly communicate an item of interest to everyone who logs in Shows your upcoming Appointments, and To-do tasks, all on one page for quick easy reference

You can create and manage your Contacts from on convenient location Import your Contacts from a wide range of formats including Outlook Express Address book, Outlook CSV, Netscape CSV, and tab-separated files
Attach as much or little information as you like to each Contact, from basic address information to pictures.
Track communications You can set up contacts to be private (your eyes only), readable by users, or you can allow your team members full access to update information as it becomes available
Advanced Search helps you find your contacts easily even if you've forgotten their name Business Card Gathering to group all contacts from a single company

Create records for Companies you deal with and provide as much or little detail as you want or need
Like Contacts you can import company records from almost any format including Outlook Express Address book, Outlook CSV, Netscape CSV, and tab-separated files
You can set up Company records to be private, readable by users, or you can allow your team members full access to update information as it becomes available

Create and manage new Projects Limit project information to specific users and groups Manage your Projects by creating task lists for the project and assigning the tasks to team member
Track each User's progress on tasks by logging in or by receiving an email each time a task is completed Upload/download documents via the web
For greater accessibility, documents can be opened with any WebDAV client such as OpenOffice, or Internet Explorer
Archive old, closed Projects so you have a permanent record for future reference You can also use the Projects function to store or backup important files from your desktop system securely off-site

View your team members' calendars Propose meeting dates and times and the system will tell you if everyone who needs to attend is available
Check availability and manage needed Appointment Resources (Meeting Rooms, Projectors, etc)
Access the calendar remotely via the iCal protocol
Users can view your free/busy information without having access to your calendar details
View the calendar online or print up a hard copy for reference
Tag event types (Birthdays, Vacations, Meetings, Phone Calls, etc) for easy visual reference

Create and manage your Tasks and to-dos
Link Tasks to specific projects
Delegate Tasks at the click of a button
View Tasks and due dates
Get quick reports on Task progress

View email from your usual email program (ex. Outlook) or access it via the web from any computer
Setup Group mailing lists
Customize your email in dozens of ways
Organize your mail into folders for more efficient email management
Create filters to sort or redirect incoming mail
Setup Vacation Notices that auto-respond or forward mails elsewhere
Setup an email signature that is included with each email sent

Change your password
Change the display to suit your preferences
And personalize countless other features

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