Scheduling software for your small business - Part 2

In Part 1 of this article on scheduling software solutions for small business we found out that scheduling software is a must have in order for small businesses to function efficiently. However we also discovered some significant problems in implementing:

  • Employee scheduling software
  • Appointment scheduling software
  • Room scheduling software
  • Service scheduling software
  • And other types of scheduling systems

The best scheduling software solution

The best scheduling software overcomes the most significant problems we discussed. The best small business scheduler applications.

  • Need to be flexible
  • Need to be inexpensive
  • Need to be accessible anytime and anywhere

The scheduling software that fulfills these requirements best is actually not a scheduling application that goes into your computer. It's actually an online application called "groupware".

Groupware is a software application that allows everyone in your organization to work together more efficiently. It combines a variety of vital business applications together, including document management and storage and contact management.

It can also serve as a scheduler for your organization and is an excellent alternative to most rigid, expensive desktop scheduling software packages.

For example, the groupware software available at Pretzel Logic ( is a great alternative to employee scheduling software and is so flexible that it is useful as a meeting scheduler, client appointment scheduler, resource scheduler and more.

Because it is an integrated scheduling application, it can point out scheduling conflicts. For example when you are setting up meetings, it can tell you whether or not the people involved are free and if there is an available meeting room and projector for your presentation.

It's easy to set up because there's no software to install on your desktop and no servers to maintain at your facility. It's a hosted groupware solution, which means that you can access your schedule wherever you have an Internet connection. The secure servers and applications that power the service are managed and maintained by experts who specialize specifically in groupware applications.

Instead of paying for expensive hardware, installation and maintenance, a small monthly fee allows you to connect your entire organization together and improve your efficiency tremendously. You don't need to contract IT staff to maintain or troubleshoot problems on your groupware server because it's all taken care of for you.

Probably the greatest advantage in using a solution like Pretzel Logic over traditional scheduling software is that everything is online. So you can access your schedule or your team's schedule from any place you have access to the Internet, whether that's at a cottage or onsite at a client's workplace.

Even if you are nowhere near the office, you can access your office. You can delegate tasks, check on the progress of various projects, communicate with your teams members, review documents and access many more features through your groupware software to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Take a serious look at the benefits of groupware as a business scheduling software and for the other benefits it provides for your business.