About Us

Pretzel Logic is an Application Service Provider (ASP) specializing in providing quality Groupware services to small and medium sized businesses. All servers and applications are hosted and managed at our facility in Toronto, and can be accessed via the Internet from your offices or an alternate location.

Utilizing Pretzel Logic's services for your Groupware requirements can provide the following benefits to your organization:

Increased Employee Productivity:
Pretzel Logic's management and maintenance of the group software and services takes pressure off of your staff and allows them to dedicate more time to core business activities.
Cost Effectiveness:
Pretzel Logic's services provide your organization with 'large corporation' tools without the associated 'large corporation' costs. The need for your organization to acquire high cost items and employees such as servers and IT personnel is eliminated.
Pretzel Logic's services and products are customizable to meet your organization's unique requirements. We also provide you with the flexibility to easily modify your services as your business' requirements change.