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Simplify your business, simplify your life with Pretzel Logic groupware software

As a small business owner you know there are better ways to manage projects, better ways to manage your team and better ways to get a handle on your work.

At Pretzel Logic we're here to help you do just that.

We do this through an easy to use web application called groupware that is designed to help your company to effectively manage and organize documents, resources and time. Unlike other similar services like Microsoft Exchange, it's surprisingly affordable. You do not have to make heavy investments in hardware or groupware software and because we take care of the hosting and set up, you don't need to bear the costs or hassles of contracting IT staff.

If you are not familiar with groupware or group collaboration tools, let me give you a little taste of what's possible...

What Pretzel Logic can do for you

Pretzel Logic's hosted groupware software provides a central, secure and reliable archive of your firm's important information. Along with document storage, it includes some of the most necessary business management tools to allow you to run your business, including integrated email, contact manager, resource manager, group calendar, project database and more.

The whole system is browser-based, which means you are no longer tied to your desk. You can run your business and access vital information from anywhere: on the road, from your home or cottage, from your client's office, etc. As long as you have access to a computer (or handheld device) and Internet access, you have the freedom to work anywhere.

The benefits of Pretzel Logic hosted groupware software extend to the entire office. You don't need complicated network systems at your office. All your staff needs is Internet access and they're good to go. It frees them from their desk so they can work from anywhere, whether it's from home or in the field.

Take the tour

To really understand how your company can benefit from the Pretzel Logic groupware service, enter in your first name and primary email address below. We'll give you immediate access to a demo version of the Pretzel Logic groupware application that you can play around with. We'll also send you a series of emails over this next week to highlight the important features of this indispensable business tool, so you can see exactly how you can benefit from this service.

At a price of less than $10 per month - no set up fees or hidden costs - it's well worth seeing if this is the solution you've been waiting for.

Of course if you have questions, feel free to email or call me anytime. This is not a faceless business. We're here to help you make your life simple and make your business a success.

John Ross, Director
Pretzel Logic